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Private College Admissions Consulting

In the highly personalized, hands-on private consulting program, the student will work directly with expert college admissions consultant Eric Eng and includes unlimited personalized email access (and Skype sessions on a limited basis, as appropriate) to address any questions as they arise, such as academic advising, extracurricular activities, summer program applications, and college applications. Eric Eng will personally review and edit all essay drafts, including summer program and college applications throughout the entirety of the program. Limited availability to 15 students per year.
  • Academic and Extracurricular Strategy
  • Detailed academic and extracurricular roadmap outlining the actionable items to fulfill throughout the entirety of high schol career
  • Guidance and advice on course selection, standardized test schedule for SAT's, SAT Subject Tests, and AP Exams
  • Preparation for regional and national academic competitions to stand out among the country's best and brightest that is suited towards the student's interests and strengths
  • Extracurricular strategy includes demonstrating a "hook" to admissions officers and stand out among thousands of applicants out there, capturing both well-roundedness and depth in an Ivy League caliber candidate
  • Academic and Extracurricular worksheets to track your progress and receive feedback, review and editing
  • Quarterly meetings to review important milestones as well as unlimited email correspondences
  • Summer Program Applications
  • Detailed essay editing up to 5 competitive summer programs, including science research and humanities based programs
  • Competitive summer programs may include but not limited to: Research Science Institute (RSI), Telluride Association (TASP), Stanford Humanities Institute (SHI), Simons Summer Research, Garcia Summer Scholars, Yale Young Global Scholars, Boston University RISE, Summer Science Program (SSP), Iowa Young Writer's Studio, and many others.
  • Student works directly with expert college admissions consultant Eric Eng, who will be editing all summer program application essays and applications.
  • College Applications
  • Brainstorming sessions on crafting together powerful themes to play in the college admissions process to increase the student's odds of acceptance.
  • Deep, rigorous essay editing on college applications for up to 12 schools, and may include Ivy League, UChicago, Stanford, MIT, Caltech, and many others. We love to see lots of red ink in the essay drafts.
  • Comprehensive review of the main common application as well as supplemental applications and materials such as research paper/abstract or arts portfolio
  • Unlimited email and/orSkype correspondences to address specific pain points and questions relating to the college application process.
  • Instructional sessions on how to recycle essays for additional schools that the student may apply to.
  • Scientific Research & Essays to Humanities Competitions
  • For math and science students, Eric Eng will work independently with the student to land a research internship as well as help edit and provide rigorous feedback on the research paper to national science competitions.
  • For humanities based students, they will work with Eric Eng will also edit essays to regional and national humanities competitions to compete against the country's best and brightest writers. Many of our students have placed Gold or Silver Key in the National Scholastic Art & Writing Competition.
  • Interview Prep & Letter of Recommendation Strategy
  • Practice Interview Sessions with Eric Eng to gain an edge in the Ivy League admissions process.
  • Rigorous editing and feedback on how to fill out teacher forms to get the strongest recommendation letters possible that will increase your odds of acceptance
  • Guidance on obtaining supplemental letters of recommendation that may give your application and extra "kick."
  • Interview Preparation
  • Practice Interview Session with Eric Eng, a former Princeton interviewer.
  • Instructional Sessions on How to Recycle Essays for additional schools.
  • Letter of Recommendation Strategy.
  • Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Year:
  • Personalized 1-1 Skype or In-Person meetings with Eric Eng quarterly.
  • Academic and Extracurricular Strategy Advising.
  • Academic / Extracurricular Worksheet Feedback, Review & Editing.
  • Editing and Feedback for Research Competitions and Humanities Competitions
  • Editing and Feedback for Research Competitions and Humanities Competitions
  • Student applies to a total of up to 5 summer research programs (essays may be recycled), including but not limited to:
  • Research Science Institute, Telluride (TASP), Stanford Humanities Summer Program, Simons Summer Research, Garcia Summer Scholars, Stanford Institutes for Medical Research (SIMR), Boston University RISE, UCSB Research Mentorship, UC Santa Cruz SIP, UC Davis Young Scholars, Summer Science Program (SSP), and many others.
Note: While there isn’t a strict requirement to enter the Private Consulting Program, my typical student is academically talented and will have a 3.9+ unweighted GPA, 1550+ on the SAT’s, and close to 800 on the Subject Tests by the time he/she applies. Due to high demand, there is an interview process prior to enrolling in the program. Students who enroll as rising freshmen typically show a strong degree of academic potential.
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