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Summer Program Applications
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Summer Program Applications

Summer Program Applications

The student will receive detailed essay editing and guidance for up to 5 summer program applications , including but not limited to math and science programs, humanities and writing programs, and research programs (especially during the junior year when student is at least 16 years of age) for competitive high school students. Prestigious summer programs are well known by college admissions officers and can improve the student’s academic and extracurricular standing.

  • Summer Applications Program Information:
  • Selection of appropriate summer programs for the student to pursue, whether it's competitive humanities based programs or science research summer programs
  • Summer science research programs that include: Research Science Institute (RSI), Garcia Summer Scholars, Simons Summer Research Program, Summer Science Program (SSP), UCSB Research Mentorship Program (RMP), Boston University RISE, COSMOS, among others
  • Humanities based programs may include: Telluride Association Summer Program (TASP), Stanford Summer Humanities Institute, Iowa Young Writer's Studio, Kenyon Review Young Writer's workshop, among others
  • Detailed, laser-focused essay editing on five summer program applications to enhance the student's chances of admission, including letter of recommendation strategy
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