The way I work with students is very unique. I work closely with you to target every minor detail of the application that could better portray your academic and leadership abilities. I am surgical in my approach and extremely detail-oriented in my process. With admission rates dropping to all time lows, that’s the only way we can succeed.

In the admissions ball game, you are only as good as you are on paper. Although you may have spent hours on a particular activity in high school, if you do not capture that in the application in a meaningful manner, then you have done nothing in the admission officer’s eyes. And that means writing stellar application essays. I’m an expert in this regard – crafting the most compelling essays and application to ensure your success. Nothing short of perfection is expected. In short, I know how to master the application.

In my one-on-one private consulting program, I only accept 15 students per year. This enables me to concentrate with laser sharp focus on your application. I love to work with students who are driven and desire success. When it comes to the application and admissions process, I am confident that my students can compete against the country’s best and brightest. My only criteria to work with me: hard work and motivation.