Ivy League Transfer Admissions

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Ivy League Transfer Admissions
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Ivy League Transfer Admissions

Ivy League Transfer Admissions

Undergraduate transfer admissions to highly selective schools such as the Ivy League is incredibly competitive. For example, schools such as Harvard, Yale, and Princeton have less than 1% transfer admissions rate – so you can bet that transfers is even more competitive than undergraduate admissions. Princeton recently opened up their transfer admissions system in fall of 2018, where they admitted only 13 students total, many of who previously served the U.S. Army. Other schools, such as Columbia and UPenn have a much more promising transfer admission rate, accepting well over 160 students per year in their transfer program.

With over a decade of experience, the IvyCollegeAdmit program will position you to be as competitive as possible to get accepted into the school of your dreams. We work with you to craft a powerful, compelling application to share your story with the admissions officers. At IvyCollegeAdmit, we have  nearly a 30% transfer acceptance rate into the Ivy League, which meets the ceiling when it comes to getting into these schools as a transfer applicant.

If your dream is attending a top tier university, we will guide you through every step of the way down to the finest detail of exactly what you need to do to get in. There is no “fluff” involved – everything we do is strategic to maximize your odds of acceptance. More importantly, you’ll work with an expert consultant with over a decade of experience who understands you, your needs including strengths and weaknesses, which ensures not only your success but a comfortable working environment throughout the process.

  • Academic and Extracurricular Strategy to build your profile to be top notch that will impress the college admissions officers
  • Full Review of the Transfer Application (including entries and descriptions)
  • Essay Brainstorming Sessions on how to tackle and address school-specific prompts, including a compelling reason to transfer from your current institution to the desired school of your choice
  • Laser focused, highly detailed essay editing on a per-school basis to showcase your intellectual curiosity, leadership, and commitment to your community
  • Letter of Recommendation Strategy
  • Resume Feedback, Review & Editing
  • Practice Interview Sessions
  • Supplemental material submission to increase your odds of acceptance and shed further light on your candidacy
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