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My private consulting program has one of the highest track records of success. I work directly with the student, who will gain my time tested insights on how to navigate the college admissions process. I am an expert who understands you, your needs and your strengths and weaknesses, which ensures not only your success but a comfortable working environment throughout the application process.

For students who are in their freshman, sophomore and junior years, the program involves a highly strategic roadmap to maximize the student’s academic and extracurricular profile. We meet quarterly for our consultations to strategize ways to improve the student’s academic and extracurricular standing as well as 80-150 email exchanges in between per year to address any important issues. In addition, I help students work on applications to highly competitive summer programs as well as papers to research and humanities based competitions.

The senior year is the most involved as we begin work on the college application itself – the personal statements, supplemental essays, common application review, recommendation letters, interviews, and supplemental material. I ensure that we craft spellbinding college essays and may add supplementary material on top of the application to give us an edge in the process. I work with the student closely through exchanging essay drafts via email, and consultations are through phone and Skype. If you’re located in the Bay Area, I’d be happy to meet in person as well.

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I work with high school freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The summer after junior year (rising seniors) is the most involved as we spend a tremendous amount of time and energy into the college applications and personal statements – the core of the Ivy College Admit program.

For earlier grades such as freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, it involves essay editing for highly competitive summer programs as well as personalized, individual quarterly consultations to map out a strategic academic and extracurricular roadmap for the student to enhance their raw profile. Students who start with me earlier tend to perform better overall in the college admissions process, ramping up their academic and extracurricular profile before it’s too late.

Please send me an email to ericeng@ivycollegeadmit.com or reach out through the contact form for more information about my program.

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I’m an expert with the college application. In this day and age when there are tens of thousands of students with strong GPA, test scores, regional/national competitions, and impressive leadership and community service activities to boast, you need a strong application to stand out. I am extremely detailed in my process and focus on every aspect that can make your application compete with the country’s best and brightest.

First and foremost, I concentrate my efforts on the essays, which can take numerous back and forth drafts to complete. The essay is your chance to tell your story to the admissions officers and show your personal qualities outside of your raw accomplishments. In addition, I focus on extracurricular activites, common application entries, recommendation letters, supplemental material (research papers, art work, extracurricular activity sheets), additional information section, summer programs, and interviews. I analyze the entire application prior to submission to ensure it is perfect and has maximized your chances of admission given the student’s talents and academic standing.

In the private consulting program, I only accept 15 students per year. This enables me to put my energy and concentrate on each student to hone their application into a strong profile that admissions officers want to admit. My special focus on the Ivy League and other top schools gives me a special niche as I focus on each student’s strengths and weaknesses and address those before it’s too late.

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My success rate is unprecedented and is one of the driving factors that sets my program apart. On average, my clients with 3.9+ unweighted GPA, 1550+ SAT, 780+ SAT Subject Tests have been accepted to at least an Ivy League or top university. On average, roughly 75% of my students were accepted to Ivy League or top 10 universities in the Private Consulting Program. Nearly 100% of my students have been accepted to one of their top choice schools. While this is by no means guaranteed, this type of acceptance rate is unprecedented. For students who don’t meet this academically, the odds of getting in are lower, but still remarkably strong, and we evaluate that on a case by case basis. Past performance, however, may not be indicative of future results given the highly competitive nature of college admissions.

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In the Private Consulting Program, I meet with my students quarterly and have anywhere from 80-150 email correspondences in between in any given year. There is a tremendous degree of guidance involved, including feedback and editing on research and humanities based competitions and strategy on placing in both regional and national academic and extracurricular competitions. Most importantly, I will be personally reviewing and editing all of my student’s essays to both summer programs and college applications to increase their odds of success.

In the Senior Editor Program, the student receives a one-time, 2 hour Academic and Extracurricular Profile Evaluation. After that evaluation, the student goes off and accomplishes his goals and objectives, and we meet again during the senior year to begin work on college applications. My highly trained Senior Editor Staff will be in the background editing the essays and reviewing the applications for my students, while the student and family will be interacting with me throughout the process, including brainstorming essay topics and how to strategize our approach to the application.

You can find out more by visiting the information tab of my website.

There’s only two criteria that I require for a student to work with me – hard work and motivation. These are by far the most important credentials – a student needs to want to succeed in order for me to help them. In the private consulting program, most of my clients have an average GPA of 3.9+ and SAT score of 1550+. While this is by no means a requirement, I do tend to work with stronger students because they exhibit these attributes. I tend to take the application very seriously, so it’s important that the student shares the same philosophy.

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That’s OK. I’ve helped several students with subpar SAT scores and GPA accepted into the Ivy League (think 1800 SAT, 3.3 GPA caliber), although this happens at a lower probability. One thing that you should understand about college admissions is that it isn’t all about grades and scores. Extracurricular activities and common application essays play a huge role when it comes to getting in, especially for the Ivy League and other top universities. I’m especially proud of my work in this regard – getting students in based on my deep expertise with the application. My process is highly effective, and I’d be happy to walk you through a free initial consultation to demonstrate my work.

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Yes, I work with transfers and international students. Getting into an Ivy League as a transfer or international student is even tougher as the competition is more fierce with a very limited number of slots. However, with a stellar application and personal statement, I am able to help my students really flush out their personal qualities and unique experiences on paper to get them in. Many international students actually have better qualifications than their US counterparts, and it really comes down to getting that application right. While most of my students are high school applying to undergraduate, I also help with graduate school admissions and my success rate continues to be top notch.

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We would start by having a free initial phone consultation to learn more about the program as well as feedback on your profile – you may reach me by phone, email, or the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible. After the phone consultation, we would move forward with a Skype or in person interview to ensure the student is the right for the program. If all goes well, an offer and acceptance would be made.

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Please consult me for further details.

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