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College Admissions Landscape

Even with admissions rates dropping to all time lows…

My students have done remarkably well in the college admissions process. And I mean incredibly well, gaining spots in the top 6 universities in the country, including multiple acceptances to Princeton, Harvard, Stanford, etc. Every year, as thousands of students vie for a spot at one of the country’s most elite institutions, a part of me shivers with excitement. But it’s not the type of excitement that you’d feel while going on a roller coaster ride – it’s a calm, peaceful excitement that vibrates within me as I help my students navigate the murky waters of college admissions to get them that coveted acceptance letter.

As high school students across the country sweat about final exams and college applications, it’s a peaceful journey for me. But for my students, I sense their nervousness and trepidation as they embark upon the college admissions process. Thoughts loom: “What if I don’t get in? What if all the hard work I put in throughout all my high years have gone to waste?”

Granted, it is a pivotal moment in one’s life. And that’s why given my expertise with the college admissions process, I love my job so much. It’s a great passion for me to see my students get accepted to the college of their choice. It’s a thrill every year for me as I witness my students, one by one, get accepted to the university they’ve always dreamed of attending. Princeton. Stanford. MIT. Harvard. UChicago.

But what I remind all of my students is that we didn’t get to this position without hard work, and most importantly, spending significant time on the application. Most students tend to neglect the importance of putting together a well thought out application, which is my focus from day one as soon as the student signs up with me. By crafting together a compelling college application that blow the admissions officers away, we are able to outcompete against the country’s best and brightest. Congratulations to all the early acceptances!

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