Personal Statement

The Winning Personal Statement

The essay or personal statement is the most important part of the college admissions process. There are tens of thousands of high achieving students with 4.0 GPA’s, 1600 SAT scores, strong leadership and community service activities, and…

Ivy League Schools

Every Ivy League school has its own set of characteristics and attributes that define its traditions as an institution. Although they have a long history dating back to 1636 with the establishment of Harvard, followed by Yale in 1701, and…
acceptance rates

2018 Results Are In!

The 2018 results are finally in for the Class of 2022! 75% of IvyCollegeAdmit students were accepted into Ivy League universities. This year, I worked with a total of 16 students for the 2018 application cycle for the Class of 2022. Needless…