Academic Guidance

Academic Guidance

  • Siemens, Intel, ISEF

My Approach and How I Help

In this day and age when there are literally tens of thousands of students with 4.0 GPA’s and 1550+ SAT scores, the bar is raised significantly higher to gain a spot at these coveted universities. I can’t tell you how many parents and students mistakenly believe that getting top grades and scores is “enough” to get in .

Nowadays, getting regional and national awards is what separates the boys from the men, or the girls from the women, so to speak. The problem becomes two fold for aspiring students:

  • What is the opportunity set of academic competitions, awards, and honors I need to help raise my academic profile?
  • How do I perform well on these competitions and garner these awards in my application?

During our quarterly consultations and unlimited email correspondences, I guide you exactly the path to take to compete with the country’s best and brightest. A number of my students have gone on to win national awards, including the Regeneron Intel Science Talent Search, Intel Science and Engineering Fair, and national Math and Science Olympiads.

As your private college consultant and a former Siemens Westinghouse semifinalist and USA Chemistry Olympiad qualifier, I’ve been through it all. Whether you’re fascinated by the humanities or the math and sciences, my expertise lies in guiding you in the right direction – the exact textbooks to study, the precise study habits of the top students,  and how to take advantage of the academic opportunity set to boost your academic profile.

Students who join my program early on are well prepared to tackle a rigorous opportunity set of academic competitions before it’s too late. Their raw academic stats boast a list of accomplishments and awards to showcase to the admissions committee, increasing their chances of admission.

In addition, I have placed many students into the top summer programs in the country (Garcia Lab in Stonybrook, Summer Science Program, to name a few) to better prepare them for elite universities and garner these renowned research awards. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

What they’re looking for

  • Strong unweighted/weighted GPA
  • Strength of academic courseload (AP’s/Honors)
  • Standardized Testing (SAT, SAT Subject Tests, AP Exams)
  • Regional Awards & Honors (e.g., Future Business Leaders of America, Model United Nations, DECA)
  • National High Impact Competitions (e.g., Math/Science Olympiads, Intel ISEF)
  • Academic Summer Programs (e.g., Research Science Institute, Telluride Association Summer Program)
  • Outside academic involvement such as scientific research or speech and debate