Academic and Extracurricular Profile Evaluation

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Academic and Extracurricular Profile Evaluation
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Academic and Extracurricular Profile Evaluation

In the Academic and Extracurricular Profile Evaluation, we will provide a one time profile evaluation and consultation. During the consultation (typically ~1.5-2 hours), the student will receive a detailed, customized academic and extracurricular roadmap and plan for the entire duration of high school. Both the student and parents will have a solid understanding of what a strong Ivy League applicant profile should look like and be well prepared to strategically execute upon academics and extracurricular activities in our Academic and Extracurricular Profile Evaluation. 

  • Academic and Extracurricular Evaluation Program Information:
  • Detailed, customized academic and extracurricular roadmap and action item list tailored specifically to the student for the duration of high school to understand exactly what the Ivy Leagues and other top universities are looking for
  • Academic roadmap includes course selection, standardized testing, easy-value added honors, medium impact honors, and regional/national academic competitions to enhance your raw profile and showcase your intellectual curiosity
  • Extracurricular roadmap includes demonstrating that "hook" in your application, including leadership positions and community involvement to show both well-roundedness as well as depth in an Ivy League caliber candidate
  • Supplemental worksheets to track your personal progress that are attached in the application itself when you apply
  • Academic and extracurricular list and comprehensive summer program opportunities that are beneficial for college admissions
  • Step-by-step guidance on exactly how to study as a high achieving student as well as strong organizational skills to manage your time efficiently in order to achieve your academic and extracurricular milestones.
  • Overview of prestigious summer programs to apply to given your interests and academic passions

After you’re through with the Academic and Extracurricular Profile Evaluation, you will gain crystal clear insights on how to navigate the complex college admissions process and have actionable items on how to pursue the next step of your high school journey for the remainder of high school. 

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