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Extraordinary acceptance rates to the Ivy League and top universities. Featured on US News & World Report Best Colleges 2019 Edition.
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Extraordinary acceptance rates to the Ivy League and top universities.
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Common Application

I walk through the entire application with you, highlighting the important sections including personal information, academics, extracurriculars, essays, additional information, recommendations, and supplemental material. In addition, I take a deep dive into common application, reviewing and editing entries prior to submission.

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Essay Editing

The personal statement is the cornerstone of college admissions. An essay draft can take multiple drafts to complete. I love to see nothing more than red ink spill on the canvas. With my guidance and expertise, I help you craft together a compelling application to win the hearts of the the admissions committee to get that acceptance letter.

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I guide you through my time-tested special application techniques to enhance the depth and breadth of your extracurricular activities. I help you showcase significant leadership and community involvement in and out of school, highlighting your leadership, intellectual curiosity, and contribution to your community to capture that hook.

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Academic Guidance

Rigorous planning and expert feedback on academic coursework, GPA, SAT and SAT Subject Tests, and Advanced Placement (AP) exams. Detailed guidance and roadmap on regional and national academic competitions, such as Intel ISEF, Math & Science Olympiads, Speech and Debate, Model United Nations, and Future Business Leaders of America.

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Summer Programs

Provide in-depth, detailed essay editing to attend competitive summer programs including but not limited to: Research Science Institute (RSI), Stanford Humanities Institute (SHI), Summer Science Program (SSP), Garcia Summer Scholars Program, UCSB Research Mentorship Program, Telluride Association Summer Program (TASP), and many others.

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Interview Preparation

A former alumni interviewer for Princeton University, I coach one on one interview preparation to ensure you make a lasting impression, including personal tips for success. Detailed interview guidance to prepare for common interview questions and present yourself in the best way possible to the admissions officers and increase your odds of success.

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About Me

Founder, IvyCollegeAdmit

My name is Eric Eng, and I live and breathe college admissions. I understand college admissions inside and out – especially when it comes to getting into the top universities like the Ivy League, Stanford, UChicago, MIT, and Caltech.

Building a strong academic and extracurricular profile is an important factor when it comes to college admissions, whether it means strong GPA, test scores, regional and national academic competitions or powerful extracurricular activities to present a “hook” in your application. But that’s not the whole story. Why does a student with a low GPA sometimes get admitted, while another student with a 4.0 and 1600 SAT get rejected? The answer lies in the application.

By working closely one on one with me, you will craft the most powerful and thought-provoking application that demonstrates your personal qualities, leadership, intellectual curiosity, and contribution to your community. With a stellar track record that is unmatched, I provide unparalleled expertise in the college application process, in particular personal statements, extracurricular involvement, academic guidance, summer programs, and interview preparation.

I graduated from Princeton University with a B.A. in Mathematical Economics and have a decade of experience helping students gain entrance into the world’s most competitive academic institutions. Many of my students have won awards in national competitions (USAMO, Siemens, Intel) under my guidance.

Learn about my philosophy on college admissions, including:

And most importantly, the incredible acceptance letters and results from the IvyCollegeAdmit program.
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Personal Statement

The Winning Personal Statement

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acceptance rates

2018 Results Are In!

The 2018 results are finally in for the Class of 2022! 75% of IvyCollegeAdmit students were accepted into Ivy League universities. This year, I worked with a total of 16 students for the 2018 application cycle for the Class of 2022. Needless…

Admissions Results

Stanford University
Princeton University
Harvard University
Princeton University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Yale University


“I wasn’t sure if you’d accept my word of mouth…but here is my Stanford admission letter! Thank you so much for all the help you’ve given me to constructing a well-defined application that represents me very well.” – A.T., University High

“I’ve been admitted to Princeton early, which significantly cuts down on the number of applications that I’ll be submitting. Thanks for the hard work and I look forward to continuing to work with you!” – J.J., Phillips Academy Andover

“Thank you so much for staying up late into the evening helping me on my personal statements. Your direct and honest feedback was exactly what I needed to be successful in the application process. I’m thrilled to be going to Harvard!” – M.T., Aragon High

“I’m excited to say that I was accepted through the early action process for Stanford. Thank you again so much for your help with my Stanford supplementals and Common App essays! I strongly believe that I couldn’t have made it without your edits!” – A.L., Pacific Academy

“I’ve been accepted to UPenn, my dream school. I never thought I would be able to attend an Ivy League – thank you so much for your help guiding me through the entire process. I couldn’t have done it without you. I am about to graduate with a degree in biology this spring.” – T.L., Mills High

“The application is really important, and I underestimated the significance of that beforehand. Thank you for helping me with such a critical part of college admissions. I don’t think I would have even dared to apply to Berkeley without your help.” – V.S., Homeschooled

“The essays we crafted really helped me stand out among my peers and I can’t thank you enough for helping me throughout this process, including my Research Science Institute (RSI) application, which only accepts 50 students in the country. I’ll be attending Stanford!” – A.P., Lynbrook High

“I’m excited to be studying computer science at Berkeley in the fall. The essays were such an important part of the process that really helped me exhibit my personal qualities. Thank you for helping and guiding me through one of most intense months throughout the college admissions process. ” – W.L., Piedmont High

IvyCollegeAdmit Program

IvyCollegeAdmit is the complete package. From essay editing to brainstorming about the common applications, I provide the ultimate plan for you to succeed.

Admissions is very different today than it was 10, or even 5, years ago. Top test scores, grades, and extracurriculars are no longer enough to succeed. Even the very brightest students get rejected every year. The solution:
an incredible application to win the hearts of the admissions committee.

After we’re through, there’s nothing else you could have done to maximize your chances of admission. We’ve finagled every crevice, explored every possibility to put you front and center as the best applicant possible given your talents and skills. Contact me today – I’m here to help.